Bridging the Divide: Archive as Exhibition

SF Cinematheque

The San Francisco Cinematheque has long supported the field of avant-garde/experimental artist-made film by creating publications and by maintaining a publicly accessible research archive. In its engagement with Untitled, Cinematheque will present a curated exhibition of materials drawn from this Archive, intended to open a conversation between experimental film and the visual fine arts. This interactive display of visual and textual materials will provide a cross-sectional snapshot of Cinematheque’s archive and exhibition history and will provide a window on the vast community of artists represented by Cinematheque over its 55+ year history.

Work by Malic Amalya, Nathan Hill, Jesse Malmed, ONO, Coral Short, Susan DeLeo, Tommy Becker, Simon Liu, Andrew Norman Wilson, Pablo Mazzolo, Malena Szlam, Joshua Gen Solondz, Sylvia Schedelbauer, Michael Betancourt will be on view in their booth.