Judith Scott

presented by Creative Growth Art Center (Oakland)

Judith Scott

Untitled, 1992

Mixed media: fiber and found objects

Untitled, 2000

Mixed media: fiber, bicycle wheel and found objects

Untitled, 2003

Mixed media: fiber, plastic cord and found objects

Judith Scott is a visual artist who was isolated from outside influence due to development disabilities. She was independent and self-directed and never repeated a form or color scheme in her multi-media textile sculptures. Crafting armatures from discarded materials, Scott wrapped her forms with knotted cloth, yarn, thread, cord, wire, and paper towels. Judith was introduced to fiber art in 1987 by artist Sylvia Seventy in the Creative Growth studio and despite being deaf, isolated and without language, she went on to produce a remarkable body of close to one hundred sculptures. Her work is in included in numerous leading contemporary muse- ums in the USA and Europe, and was exhibited in the 2017 Venice Biennale.

This Special Project is presented by Creative Growth Art Center (Oakland).