Sofia Cordova: BILONGO LILA – Nobody Dies in a Foretold War


Untitled, Radio presents an excerpt from Sofia Cordova’s BILONGO LILA, a new media performance which debuted on May 27, 2017 at the Mills College Greek Amphitheater. The piece took the audience through a hyper-digital, psychedelic vision of our planet 1500 years in the future.

This piece fleshes out the slow ecological decline of earth, which leads to both a traumatic break in historical continuity and an opportunity for cultural rebirth for those that remain. In particular, the performance investigates what this future can mean when used to imagine alternative realities for the marginalized: people of color, women, trans and queer folks. This work is dually concerned with examining white patriarchy and late technological capitalism, and how both have advanced the conditions evidenced in climate change.

This piece is intended to lend visibility to othered bodies, and as such, it is comprised of dancers and musicians who are of color, and/or identify as women, trans, and/or queer.
The two-act performance renders our new earth into a corrupted but thriving ecosystem, one that is digital while also being organic and unknowable. Through video, dance and music—ranging from experimental improvisation to pop interventions—the work serves as a journey through desolate shores, impossible ecology, mutants, and ruined cities, eventually culminating in a visitation from three future deities inspired by Santeria’s Orishas.


Matthew Gonzalez

Kirkland k.kipperman,

Honor Lacin,

Helena Martinez

Bravo Sean

Nieves Quiñones

Kim Nucci

Kevin Schwenkler