Induction Burners: Pam Lins and Lee Maida


Induction Burners, 2014–, is an ongoing series of recordings that attempts to map an inclusive, while necessarily noncomprehensive, art-world narrative–one driven by artists living and working in New York. Hosted by Cat Kron and David Roesing, the podcast asks artists, solo and in pairs, to speak candidly about their practices and experiences in the city.

**"Induction Burners" is unaffiliated with the similarly named Burner Podcast, which is devoted to Burning Man attendees.**

Today on Untitled, Radio, we re-air the Induction Burners Episode 3: CERAMICS// Pam Lins+ Lee Maida.

Cat Kron is a writer and critic and David Roesing is a painter who are both based in New York where they co-host Induction Burners