OK Great, Thanks... Brion Nuda Rosch


Brion Nuda Rosch is an artist and curator working in San Francisco and Studio Program Director for Minnesota Street Project. From 2011-2015 he directed the curatorial programing for Rock Bar, a neighborhood bar known for staged happenings and interventions with artists and curators. The doorman asks if you prefer peanut butter on your ankles, you enter the bar, Jaws I, II, III, IV play on four screens respectively, multiple dogs are present, on one screen Jaws is about to attack, and a dog unexpectedly licks peanut butter from your shoe, you jump in your seat, spill your drink. Other projects involved blindfolded bartending shifts, copy machine parties, silent stand up comedy and pairing Sesame Street animations along side Jiddu Krishnamurti, Joseph Campbell, and E. H. Gombrich.

Rosch has provided a playlist of minimal, techno, house, piano, free jazz, sun, nuclear war and peace.

Todays' playlist includes:

Sun Ra - Nuclear War


VID - Camelie

Beatrice Dillon - Can I Change My Mind

Richard Villalobos - Electronic Water

Argenis Brito - Caminante Cosmico 

Yes’in - We Come in Peace

Masomenos & Vadim Svoboda - Chaud Colin

Nu & Jo Ke - Who Loves The Sun

Sun Ra - When There is No Sun