Daata Editions: Tongue and ear


Tongue and ear is a playlist of works on, selected by Thora Dolven Balke & Felipe Ribeiro Pena. 


The playlist features artist sound works by: Sofie Alsbo, Maria Antelman, Ilit Azoulay, Jake Chapman, Matt Copson, Thora Dolven Balke, FlucT, Leo Gabin, Hannah Perry, Marina Rosenfeld, Stephen Vitiello


The Tongue and ear programme is about language. It is about welcome and unwelcome misinterpretations, an attempt at getting past learned systems of grammar and communicating through other forms; feelings, movement, breath, sounds, a shared experience or deep memory. The works in the programme address forms of communication across several languages and voices – through song, spoken word, storytelling and reinterpretation. Combined, they reveal perhaps the power of mastering a language or the fragility and possibility of communicating in a language that is not your own. Or in the common language of culture that we appropriate across borders, how we share interpretations of set phrases to express profound emotions like love, joy and sadness.


Leo Gabin

Break Up

2:53 mins

Ilit Azoulay

Object #1

3:40 mins

Sofie Alsbo

THE DONUT SHOP: Rainbow Sprinkle

1 min

Jake Chapman


3:11 min

Matt Copson


1:56 min

Hannah Perry


2:37 mins

Thora Dolven Balke


3:08 mins


Main Tool is a Dummy

7:12 mins