Parker Ito

presented by Château Shatto

Parker Ito

Western Exterminator, 2016

Bronze, chains, LED lights

Dimensions variable

The Western Exterminator is a mascot employed by an extermination company whose warehouses populate the edges of California freeways and whose fleet of trucks are active on Californian roads. Also referred to as 'Little Man', the figure was first developed in the 1930s and has had a persistent presence on Californian highways ever since. Each of Ito’s bronze sculpture renders the Western Exterminator uniquely – in the process of making each bronze, the form of the Exterminator is manipulated: cleaved, melted, chopped, punctured, elongated, recomposed, etc. Each bronze has a different finish, ranging from chrome and gold plating, iridescent automotive paints, rubberized paints, classical bronze patinas, hydrodipping, and more. 

Parker Ito is presented by Château Shatto (Los Angeles).