Ann Iren Buan

presented by Prosjektrom Normanns

Drifters, 2015

Soft-pastel on paper, pigment, glue, leather straps

Dimensions variable

Ann Iren Buan’s installation Drifters (2015) consist of two large-scaled sculptures in paper that hang from the ceiling by leather straps. The sculptures are coloured with soft pastels in tones of yellow with hints of peach and icy blue, and their surface is covered with wounds, rifts and tears. Together, the color and texture evoke thoughts of unknown bodies covered in faded bruises, dry fragile skin or even a wall of ice.

Buan’s work explores the idea of the ruin, and besides the obvious physical destruction in the sculptures, they also portray a fragile and vulnerable state of mind. Though monumental, her works often appear to be on the brink of collapse, and for Buan, working near the edge of losing control is a motivating force.

Drifters is presented by Prosjektrom Normanns (Stavanger, Norway).