Imagining "the gift" as an Artist-led Proposition

A Philanthropy Summit

Presented in partnership with SFAI, Untitled Art presents a three-part panel discussion series addressing the Past, Present and Future of Art’s Role in Philanthropy in the Bay Area. 

Moderated by Cristobal Martinez, SFAI Chair of Art and Technology, the purpose of this program is to ignite strategic conversations about how the arts can better interface with new generations of power, sites of capital, forms of creativity, and industries.

Programming will include conversations with artists and philanthropists from throughout the Bay Area. The panelists on the second day of the summit include:

Jess Schaefer (Public Programs + Partnerships, Facebook Art Department)

Demetrio Kerrison (Collector, Los Angeles)

Suzy Delvalle (Executive Director, Creative Capital)

Location: Untitled Art, Podcast at Untitled Art, San Francisco