Authority & Agency in the Art World

Panel moderated by Patricia Maloney

ArtTable will investigate different forms of authority and agency in the art world--from the institution to the collective, the catalogue to your Twitter feed--how do women exercise power and visibility in their field? With significant shifts in technology and social media, how we view, learn of, and access art has significantly changed. We speak to 4 women curating, producing and creating art at different levels on different platforms, to discuss and compare agency, authority and audience in the art world.


Apsara DiQuinzio (Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, BAMPFA)

Lava Thomas (Artist)

S. Sayre Batton (Oshman Executive Director, San Jose Museum of Art)

Moderated by Patricia Maloney (Critic and Curator)

Location: Untitled Art, Podcast at Untitled Art, San Francisco