Brent Green


The Headlands Center for the Arts presents a project by visual artist and performer, Brent Green, conceived specifically for Untitled San Francisco and made during a residency at Headlands. Green's performances will consist of two pieces, Study For Lesser Satellites and Strange Fates

Strange Fates is a hand-drawn animated film accompanied with live narration and a soundtrack performed by a little orchestra of accordion, clarinet, trumpet, violin, drums, guitar and singing.  

Study For Lesser Satellites is a music, dance and sculptural piece. Three violin dresses, strung with over 100 violin and cello strings, will spin around the wearer who also plays the strings with a bow in each hand. The dresses create a kind of Penderecki swirling of sound. For the UNTITLED performance, the dresses will be worn by singers, spun by dancers and accompanied by a small musical ensemble.