Kristin Cammermeyer: a novel ecosystem constructed with pseudo satisfiers

Video Screening

Kristin Cammermeyer

a novel ecosystem constructed with pseudo satisfiers, 2018

video composite, continuous loop

sound by Michael Dillon

8 minutes, 30 seconds

Presented by Recology San Francisco.


Kristin Cammermeyer is a multi-media artist whose focus involves temporary site-generated installations initiated by site boundaries, situational nuances, and material available in the vicinity. Projects are utilized to generate videos that serve to dematerialize the installations by working with illusionary strategies rooted in painting. She is interested in subverting expectations and transforming underutilized material as a means to reconcile her concerns regarding the overabundance of waste material generated within our consumer driven economy.

In 2013, she participated in the Recology Artist in Residence Program. This video for Untitled, San Francisco is a new work created using materials scavenged from Recology.