Jeremy Rourke: I’ll Be Around


Jeremy Rourke presents a version of his expanded cinema, music, and performance piece “I’ll Be Around”, a piece that represents the culmination of his year-long collaboration with ATA, during which time he excavated footage, interviews, ephemera, and specters from ATA’s past and present, shaping them into a rich and fractured ode.


Rourke is a self-taught animator, musician, and performer from San Francisco, CA. He utilizes photo-puppetry, clay, text, paint, light, shadow, flora and paper ephemera to produce his handmade stop motion animations. During live performances, he creates soundscapes for these works with guitar and vocals, harp, singing bowls, bells, wind chimes, field recordings, found audio and drums


This expanded-media performance is presented by Untitled, San Francisco nonprofit exhibitor, Artists’ Television Access (San Francisco).

Location: Untitled, San Francisco, Theater