30 Nov


Podcast Conversation: Beyond NFTs

Podcast Conversation: Beyond NFTs

Time: Tues 30 Nov, 3-4pm

Location: Untitled Art Miami Beach Podcast Lounge

NFTs have become mainstream and the art world is catching up while still assessing the use cases for blockchain technology in fine art. Traditional artists, galleries and institutions have been slow to legitimize it while the digital art community has become an early adopter. Today NFTs enable us to establish provenance, exhibition history and the authenticity of ownership in digital art and other assets. NFTs have also become a medium of its own where creators are using the technology both conceptually and aesthetically. This panel assesses the role of digital art and NFTs at the art fairs in Miami this year, as well as discusses the different styles of NFTs, the benefits of the technology, and how it might be used in the future since it opens up a world of new creative opportunities.



Raina Mehler, curator

Ori Carino, artist

Elena Zavelev, CEO and Founder of CADAF

Andrea Steuer, Director and Designer