29 Nov


Performance: Silver Linings, The Ant Project/Instituto Cultural de México en Miami

Performance: Ana Teresa Fernández, Silver Linings
Presented by The Ant Project / Instituto Cultural de México en Miami
Time: Mon 29 Nov, 1pm
Location: Booth C16

The performance Silver Linings, by Ana Teresa Fernández, activates a space where the US-Mexico border is questioned, erased, and drawn as a silver lining through a tango dance as a visual metaphor of the saying “it takes two to tango,” a dance where the power symmetry of leader and follower are equal.

Silver Linings is part of the installation Drawn Together by Truth Farm Collective, presented by the Ant Project, in collaboration with the Instituto Cultural de México en Miami.

Drawn Together puts together works by artists Ana Teresa Fernández, Ronald Rael and Arleene Correa Valencia, addressing their experiences of separation, unification, memory, visibility, and the existence inside and outside of “the line."

Image courtesy of artist Ana Teresa Fernández