27 December 2022

27 December 2022

With speakers Benton C Bainbridge, Co-Founder of Lonely ROCKS, Linda Loh, curator of Lonely ROCKS' presentation at Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2022, and curator Ana María Caballero. Moderated by Fanny Lakoubay.

Lonely ROCKS decentralizes the process of curating fine art, reconsidering the self-portrait via emergent Web3 systems. How do digital artists portray themselves in the context of selfie and PFP culture? Do contemporary media artists echo early video artists, who often used themselves as readymade subject matter in the studio? What are the new forms of storytelling emerging from Web3 native communities? Do Web3 poets and writers represent an evolution of, or a break from their traditions? What is the tension between creating art to permanently inscribe on the blockchain and the promotion of such artworks via the social media-dependent Web3 communities? Can crypto art exist independently of Web2?

About Benton C Bainbridge

An ethereal figure in decentralized art since 2014, Bainbridge co-founded MovingPictures.Gallery. In 2015, he worked with ConsenSys to develop on-chain provenance. Best known for two world tours as VJ with Beastie Boys.

About Linda Loh

Linda Loh is an Australian visual artist working between New York City and Melbourne, Australia. Her multimedia works navigate the elusive form and materiality of digital space with transformed sources of light. In 2012 she received a Bachelor of Fine Art (Expanded Studio Practice) from the RMIT University, Australia. She has had solo and group exhibitions around Australia and in the USA, with works curated into projection festivals, public LED billboard projects, online events, screenings, art galleries and more. She has undertaken several artist residencies around the world, including Arteles in Finland and NARS in New York City, both in 2018. In 2021 she completed a Master of Fine Art in Computer Arts, at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Since then she has participated in many exhibition projects, in both physical space and online, in Australia, the USA, Switzerland and the UK. She is active in the Blockchain space and is currently a curator for this innovative Lonely Rocks project, here at Untitled 2022.

About Fanny Lakoubay

"I am a French-born, New York-based digital art advisor and curator with 14 years of experience in art, technology and finance. With my team at LAL ART Advisory, I support institutional, corporate, and private clients, who want to enter or better navigate the NFT space. I am also involved in many NFT community projects, such as The Blockchain Art Directory (BAD 2.0), We Are Museums, GreenNFT and more. Prior to this, I took part in some of the pioneering NFT projects (MoCDA, New Art Academy, CADAF, Editional App, Snark.art) and worked with larger organizations (RadicalxChange Foundation, Christie’s Auction House, Artnet, Societe Generale Bank)."

About Ana María Caballero

Ana Maria Caballero is a first-generation Colombian-American poet and artist. Her work explores how biology delimits societal and cultural rites, ripping the veil off romanticized motherhood and questioning notions that package women’s sacrifice as a virtue. She is the recipient of the Beverly International Prize, Colombia’s José Manuel Arango National Poetry Prize, and a Sevens Foundation Grant. Her work has been widely published and exhibited internationally, most recently at Gazelli Art House in London and at L’Avant Gallerie in Paris. She has two books forthcoming in 2023, both written in the hours before the world wakes up. Much of what she writes in the dark can be read at anamariacaballero.com. Believing that poems are works of art, she co-founded digital poetry gallery theVERSEverse.com.