Vulnerability of Recent Times: Water, Ocean, Body, & Environment


30 November 2021

30 November 2021

Vulnerability of Recent Times: Water, Ocean, Body, & Environment, presented by SF Artists Alumni (SFAA)

This conversation revolves around Referencing ideas in the book The Disposable City by Mario Alejandro Ariza, SF Artists Alumni (SFAA) embraces the theme of resilience as it relates to the environment and society. As a group of San Francisco Art Institute Alumni, SFAA gathered strength during a moment of crisis to resurrect themselves in order to preserve the legacy of their alumni by forming the non-profit SF Artist Alumni. While cities have departments of resilience to foster how the city can react to climate change, vulnerable communities disproportionately composed of people of color are most affected by limited funding to protect themselves against potential disaster to their homes and sense of security. The site, Miami Beach, speaks to urgency while we see continuous progress through the construction occurring simultaneously. How do we create justice between the developers and ideas of sanctuary? Juxtaposed areas are economically divided by these environmental, political and governmental systems. Art as a vehicle brings awareness to these issues with poetic, psychological and visual aesthetics.