Performance Architecture - Taking Up Space. Presented by Commissioner


25 January 2024

25 January 2024

GeoVanna Gonzalez, multidisciplinary artist
Leilani Lynch, MCA Denver Associate Curator
Moderated by Komal Kehar, architect/designer, owner of Common Things

To be seen and occupy space can be a radical act of political resistance. Drawing inspiration from the thought-provoking performance installation PLAY, LAY, AYE: ACT 6 by GeoVanna Gonzalez, the conversation “Taking up Space” explores the profound implications of movement as a powerful form of engagement. In this discussion, multidisciplinary artist Gonzalez, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver Associate Curator Leilani Lynch, and architect/designer Komal Kehar will examine the intricate dynamics of both private and public spaces, scrutinizing them through the nuanced perspectives of gender, race, status, or other marginalized dimensions. The conversation is poised to dissect the codified norms governing accessibility, delving into the implications of these norms and their impact on the perception and utilization of space.

Presented by Commissioner, in partnership with Chief