Gender Equality in the Arts - Women Art Market Reports


2 January 2024

2 January 2024

Presented as a cornerstone of the 12th edition’s curatorial focus, Gender Equality in the Arts, Untitled Art is proud to host a panel discussion with leading industry experts who are driving this conversation forward: Julia Halperin, cofounder of the Burns Halperin Report - an annual report investigating the representation of Black American artists, female-identifying artists, and Black female-identifying artists since 2018 which is now the largest database of its kind; and Casey Lesser, Director of Content at Artsy and co-author of the 2023 Women Artists Market Report – a series of three articles delving into the current state of the market for women artists via data gathered data from independent research, auction results from the Artsy auctions database, and other Artsy data. The panel is moderated by Allison Thorpe, Vice President of Sutton.