Fly Over Passed Over. Curated by Kalup Linzy, with the support of The Tulsa Artist Fellowship


15 January 2024

15 January 2024

A conversation discussing artists and art workers who pursue a career in a so-called fly over state such as Oklahoma. Although many art world institutions tend to be conservative, the majority of the art world itself tends to lean liberal. How do liberal artists and art workers in a socially conservative so-called fly over state such as Oklahoma attract support, capture the attention, and thrive in their local, regional, national, and international art communities while simultaneously facing rejection and pushback?

Antonio Andrews will open with the hip-hop rap performance, "Everyday," and the panel will conclude with a spoken word performance by Kalup Linzy titled "Equality Beam," meditating on equality, assurance, and confidence in a space where the odds seem stacked against you.

Moderator: Kalup Linzy, Tulsa Artist Fellow and founder and director of Queen Rose Art House

Panelists: Carolyn Sickles, Executive Director of Tulsa Artist Fellowship; Kate Green, Ph.D., Chief Curator & Nancy E. Meinig Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art, Philbrook Museum of Art; Trueson Daugherty, Tulsa-based artist; Antonio Andrews, Tulsa-based artist and founder of No Parking Studios; and Ashanti Chaplin, Tulsa based cultural producer and multiform conceptual artist.