Exhibiting Artist Jason REVOK In Conversation With Curator Pedro Alonzo


27 December 2022

27 December 2022

Presented by Library Street Collective.

Alongside Jason REVOK’s current exhibition at MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit) (November 5, 2022 - March 25, 2023), this Untitled Art podcast features a conversation between the artist and independent curator Pedro Alonzo, who is currently the Adjunct Curator at Dallas Contemporary. The conversation addresses the notion of automation in industry and how factory-based or hard labor is experienced across the United States, suggesting that mechanization informs artistic practice. Considering the relationship between humans and technology, REVOK has created a unique series of instruments that act as an extension of his body, utilizing these apparatuses and complex tools in concert with his hands to conceive his distinctive compositions. REVOK and Alonzo call the contemporary value system of traditional paintings into question as REVOK creates a new frontier on how an artist might practice in the age of machines.

About Jason REVOK

Born in 1977, Riverside, CA, he lives and works in Detroit, MI. Entirely self-taught, Jason REVOK is known for pushing creative boundaries that began in the street. Although his story begins with graffiti, the artist has spent the last decade focusing on his studio practice and the evolution of process and concept. Refusing to be limited by his early recognition, REVOK allows only certain elements from graffiti culture to transition to his contemporary work — modest materials and industrial tools, ingenuity, his name — but his proclivity towards minimalism and post-painterly abstraction has become the driving force behind his practice. Examining the question of authorship from start to finish, REVOK has developed systematic yet imperfect tools to carry out his vision and has created a number of unmistakable bodies of work. His bold, balanced geometry is heightened by the personal and imperfect slight of the human hand. REVOK has a solo exhibition currently on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. His works have been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles as well as the Pasadena Museum of Contemporary Art; in galleries and special projects in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Dubai; and is in important private collections worldwide.

About Pedro Alonzo

Pedro is an independent curator and art advisor who specializes in producing exhibitions that transcend the boundaries of museum walls. He has worked extensively with a variety of organizations to develop complex public art projects and helped build several notable collections of contemporary art. Pedro is currently an adjunct curator at Dallas Contemporary, and was formerly an adjunct curator at the ICA, Boston.