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25 January 2024

25 January 2024

Three galleries exhibiting at Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2023 from Southern Africa: Ebony/Curated; Southern Guild and Kalashnikovv Gallery, come together to discuss the role of the gallery and the curator- in an evolving cultural landscape that champions the consumption of the image in what is globally understood as the digital age.

These established institutions will reflect on their respective individual presentations for this year’s edition of Untitled Art in relation to the intricate overlap between art, audience, internet, and the nuance of ‘curating for the digital age’. The normalised omnipresence of our devices has rapidly brought about change in the way we understand, communicate and consume physical art. The contemporary gallery space is not immune to the impact of these unprecedented advancements, and the complex ‘technological gaze’ that accompanies them. Facilitating a discussion surrounding the prevailing power, and responsibility, of the gallery to support artists in creating a presence that is not only locally relevant, but globally significant- each gallery has their own interpretation of the theme, creating a nuanced and interesting overarching conversation.