7 Oct 2021Untitled Art Announces New ‘Nest’ Sector with Low Price Structure at This Year’s Fair in Miami Beach


Untitled Art is pleased to announced ‘Nest’, an ambitious new sector that will premiere at the 10th edition of the Miami Beach fair. Imagined in response to the economic impact of the pandemic on the gallery sector, ‘Nest’ will provide 23 emerging galleries, collectives, and non-profits a new progressive pricing system that removes the barriers traditionally associated with the art fair structure. Chosen by Artistic Director Omar López-Chahoud, each participant will pay a fraction of the normal booth fees attributed to art fairs and will be given a creative platform to meet a new collector base. Booths will be offered for $5,000 USD.

According to a recent leading art market report, the pandemic had a critical impact on sales in the art gallery sector in 2021. Sales were reported to be down by an average of 36%, with many small and mid-size galleries permanently closed. ‘Nest’ was formed to ease the burden on emerging galleries, demonstrating Untitled Art’s commitment to listening the needs of the market and providing innovative models amid widespread discussions in the industry about the struggles of galleries – and art fairs.

Untitled Art’s Artistic Director Omar López-Chahoud says: “The challenges of the past year presented an opportunity for us to work with a new group of individuals, many of whom are first-time participants at an art fair. With ‘Nest’, we wanted to react to the lack of opportunity for smaller galleries, collectives, and non-profits in a landscape dominated by corporation-backed mega fairs.”

Galleries presented in ‘Nest’ are as follows:

Aperture (New York, NY)
Bill Arning Exhibitions (Houston, TX)
Calderón Ruiz (New York, NY)
Casa Hoffmann (Bogota, Colombia)
Dimensions Variable (Miami, FL)
Eden Airlines (Richmond, VA)
Elijah Wheat Showroom (Newburgh, NY)
Five Car Garage (Santa Monica, CA)
Galerie Droste (Düsseldorf, Germany; Paris, France)
Gallery Nosco (London, United Kingdom; Marseille, France; Brussels, Belgium)
Gamma Galería (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Luis Galeria (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Guadalajara90210 (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Hayworth (Coral Gables, FL)
La Galeria Rebelde (Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala)
La Pecera (Punta del Este, Uruguay)
The LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies (New York, NY)
Lokkus (Medellín, Colombia)
Monica King Projects (New Milford, CT)
Selenas Mountain (Ridgewood, NY)
SUNNY NY (New York, NY)
The Ant Project (Miami, FL)
The New Arts Foundation (Los Angeles, CA)