8 Mar 2023Announcing two new thematic focuses to guide Untitled Art's 12th edition


Untitled Art is expanding its longstanding commitment to curatorially driven presentations and programming to introduce two new thematic focuses to guide the 12th edition’s international selection process.

Curating in the Digital Age is a celebration of our network established over the past 11 years. This focus is a stage for dialogue on how curatorial practices are evolving in the ever-expansion of new technologies, as well as visual experimentation with digitalization and new viewing experiences. Programming will feature critical figures who are leading this conversation.

Gender Equality in the Arts - while the art world heralds itself as ahead of the curve, countless sources remind us that equality is still yet a critical responsibility within its ecosystem. As a thematic focus, this is an opportunity to draw attention to presentations promoting inclusivity and diversity. Programming will emphasize expertise and experiences that illuminate new narratives and paths forward.

These two themes are not only relevant but urgent considerations for our community and to contemporary art discourse at large. Untitled Art’s curatorial team encourages applicants to frame their proposed selection and programming within these themes, and especially welcomes strong booth concepts featuring solo and two-person presentations. It should be noted that opportunities for incoming exhibitors—including the continuation of our expanded Exhibitor Prizes—will be celebrating curatorial approaches within these lines.

In line with the company’s mission of upholding collaboration as the future of our artistic ecosystem, we are looking forward to this new initiative setting the groundwork for the continued growth of Untitled Art’s platform and relationships.