Wendy White: Free Beer Tomorrow, 2019

presented by Shulamit Nazarian

Wendy White

Free Beer Tomorrow, 2019

Hand- carved wood paneling, repurposed distressed denim, upholstery foam and wood custom furniture, digital prints on neoprene, hand painted faux calfskin rugs, paper cigarettes, custom floor paint, LED sign, live plants

Artist designed lounge

Presented by Shulamit Nazarian

Booth B23

Free Beer Tomorrow

a site-specific installation by Wendy White

inviting us to reconsider, recast, and reinvent

the myth of the American sublime.

Unwind with a drink on custom furniture

made from repurposed men’s jeans

flayed, bleached and collaged

to form a new fabric for a new era.

Gaze upon scenes of the American West

printed on giant sheets of neoprene

set against rustic paneling reminiscent of

vintage rec rooms, bars, and auto body shops.

Stroll across mint green floors

where faux calfskin rugs offer synthetic sunsets

below pixelated hearts and dripping rainbows.

As the blinking sign reminds us,

Free Beer Tomorrow is an empty promise

like the rainbow’s end or an untouched expanse of land

just out of reach yet full of endless potential.