Noemí Escandell

presented by Henrique Faria

Noemí Escandell

Diario El Blanco, 1995

From the series: Handing Works, From Hand to Hand

Mixed media 

Dimensions variable

Restaged at UNTITLED, Miami Beach is a historical installation by radical Argentinian conceptual artist Noemí Escandell. The work was originally presented in 1995 and consists of a plinth stocked with blank newspapers with the headline ‘Escriba la noticia que desea leer’ (Write the news that you want to read). Recreated bilingually at Untitled, visitors will be invited to fill in their own news and leave for others to read, contribute to or take.

Diario El Blanco is presented by Henrique Faria Fine Arts (Buenos Aires), Booth B23.