Lucy + Jorge Orta

presented by Jane Lombard Gallery

Lucy + Jorge Orta

Antarctic Village - No Borders, Dome Dwelling, 2007

coated polyamide, various textiles, nation flags, silkscreen print, second hand clothes, webbing, clips, 3 telescopic armatures 

71 x 71 x 59 inches

Presented by Jane Lombard Gallery

Lucy + Jorge Orta’s work has global resonance and grapples with the most pressing social and ecological issues of our time, including global warming and migration. Through their collaborative practice and a diversity of media, Lucy and Jorge Orta propose and strive to create a world without borders: a world where the suffering of any is the problem of all, and humanity works together to ease and eradicate pain and destruction.   

In 2007, the artists were commissioned by the End of the World Biennale to embark on a groundbreaking expedition to Antarctica. Aided by a logistical crew and scientists stationed at the Marambio Antarctic Base, Lucy and Jorge Orta installed an ephemeral “Antarctic Village” composed of 25 domelike sculptures constructed with flags from countries around the world, as well as created and raised the first Antarctic Flag, symbolizing the unification of nations around shared common values. Silkscreened on various parts of the tent are motifs that reference the UN Declaration for Human Rights and article 13.3, which the Ortas propose to amend to allow people to travel freely across any borders. 

Antarctica embodies utopia: it is the only region on earth not claimed by any country. The Antarctic Treaty, signed by 50 nations, has preserved the region as an area for scientific research with common aims to protect the environment and encourage international cooperation. Antarctic Village - No Borders, Dome Dwelling is one of the original tents raised in Antarctica, symbolizing the mutual aid, solidarity, freedom, and collaboration that exists on the continent.

Antarctic Village - No Borders, Dome Dwelling is presented by Jane Lombard Gallery (New York).