Felice Grodin

presented by PAMM

Felice Grodin

Mezzbug (offspring 3.0), 2018

Augmented Reality

Presented by PAMM


Mezzbug (offspring 3.0) was produced in conjunction with PAMM’s exhibition Felice Grodin: Invasive Species—a virtually interactive, digital exhibition of commissioned works by Miami-based artist Felice Grodin that employs the technology of augmented reality.


By drawing on her training as an architect, Grodin analyzes the relationship between physical and mental territories. She explores the mutable within landscape, architecture, and our urban surroundings. Featuring four site-specific digital works, Invasive Species virtually interacts with PAMM’s architecture and transforms the museum’s environment as a response to Miami’s ecological reality. Mezzbug, one of the digital works included in the exhibition, resembles a cross between ancient trilobites and recent crustaceans. As this new hybrid adapted from being an invasive species to native, it has produced offsprings that migrated and spread to other areas of the metropolis, such as Mezzbug (offspring 3.0) presented at UNTITLED. By drawing on the destructive impact of invasive species and creating new digital environments, Grodin highlights the transformative and unstable state of our ecosystem, speculating about a not-so-distant future affected by climate change and overtaken by uncanny creatures.


Felice Grodin: Invasive Species is curated by PAMM Assistant Curator Jennifer Inacio, managed by Monica Mesa, and supervised by Christina Boomer Vazquez and IT Director Rafael Sotolongo. The program is made possible by generous funding and mentorship from Knight Foundation.