Coral Projects: Everglades Art Lab, 2019

presented by Benrubi Gallery

Coral Projects

Everglades Art Lab, 2019

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Participating artists include: Vanessa Albury, Rachel Frank, Thale Fastvold, Tanja Thorjussen with Reverend Houston Cypress of Love the Everglade

Presented by Benrubi Gallery

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The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.

            - Rachel Carson acceptance speech for the National Book Award, 1963 

Coral Projects integrates contemporary art with ocean-sustaining techniques of marine sciences, merging the best of both the world of ideas and of environmental re-wilding. In the throws of the Anthropocene, at Coral Projects we see that art presents an opportunity to expand our audience and consider how creating can benefit nature, animals and humans. Everglades Art Lab is our experimental space for artists to study how to engage with nature substantively. For Coral Projects: Everglades Art Lab, we install a series of site-specific interventions in the Everglades with UNTITLED, ART during Miami Art Week by Founding Artist Vanessa Albury, a decent of South Floridians, in collaboration with Rachel Frank, the Norwegian collective Locus (Thale Fastvold and Tanja Thorjussen,) and the Reverend Houston Cypress, a resident and cultural ambassador of the Everglades. All our supplies are either ecological materials from the site or leave a neutral footprint, if not a positive impact, on the Everglades. Coral Projects: Everglades Art Lab is a testing ground for our upcoming underwater sculpture exhibition permanently sited on a regenerating coral reef at Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary in Jamaica in 2020.

Coral Projects: Everglades Art Lab will explore working methods for artists to engage harmoniously with the natural environment, creating a laboratory for art experiments. At UNTITLED, ART we present video of footage of our ecological art installations as they change with the habitat and return to the wetlands. Vanessa Albury will create floating screens from woven plant debris in the Everglades dissolving the veil of separation of humans and nature. Her screens create light play through the waters before disintegrate into the sea. Rachel Frank combines her ceramic offering vessels with temporary forms from the Everglades mud, observing the natural life in the Everglades with temporary still life scenes. Thale Fastvold and Tanja Thorjussen of Locus perform a reverent honey ceremony with trees in the park. The series of brief and ecological interventions will be presented on a monitor at UNTITLED, ART and be accompanied by a selection of native plant specimens and seating for an immersive experience.