Richard T. Walker

Galeria Curro on Untitled, Radio

Today on Untitled, Radio we air three audio works by San Francisco-based artist Richard T. Walker, whose work is shown with Untitled exhibitor, CURRO (Guadalajara).


“These audio works are made up of field recordings recorded in 2014 of small stones and rocks being thrown at instruments placed in remote locations throughout the deserts of the South Western USA. As rocks hit their targets different sounds emanate to form notes and chords. The result is a catalogue of sounds that have been collaged together to create a sense of meaning through musical composition, reviewing and remixing the fluid experience of being within these vast landscapes. The work 'as we are' is the soundtrack from the video ‘the predicament of always (as we are)’, a two channel installation that includes a recording of the artist speaking into a cassette recorder on location at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.”

-Richard T. Walker, 2017