Culture Hole: Black Hole, White Hole / Surfin’ the Dream Channels


Culture Hole presents Black Hole, White Hole / Surfin’ the Dream Channels, a two- part radio program that addresses themes of non-locality, psychological states, hyper- objectivity and modes of collaboration.

This two-part sound work incorporates conversational content relative to the physical psychology of Culture Hole, a revisiting of sound performances from Culture Hole’s archive, and sound contributions from friends across the globe to build a loosely knitted narrative that opens portals between disjunctive geographic localities, languages and time. Black Hole, White Hole airs in Miami, Surfin’ the Dream Channels in San Francisco in January.

Contributors include Summer Aquino, Bruce Blay, Sergio Castrillon, Chim^Pom, Matias Duville, Rose Kallal, Pierre Krause, Israel Lund, Mitsuo Maruhashi, David Medina, Jake Meginsky, Darcy Neal, Violeta Ospina, Radio Pancha, Kris Pierce, Mauricio Rivera, Louisa Roa, Daniel Salamanca, Catalina Salguero, Daniel Santiago Salguero, William Z. Saunders, Stefan Tcherepnin, Liz Tonne, Naama Tsabar, Hiroe Watanabe and 禁断の多 数決.

Organized by Jeff Gibbons, Gregory Ruppe and Danny Skinner, Culture Hole is an artist run, subterranean project space located at 32°47’04.2′′N + 96°46’16.