Claire Wilson


Untitled, Radio broadcasts two works by Claire Wilson, a sculptor whose works speak for themselves. 

BuzzerBuzz features four light-sensitive buzzer machines, each programmed with a different pitch, intensity, and sensitivity to light. With their sensors resting on a computer screen, each machine's sound is entirely determined by the brightness and movement of the image on the screen. In this piece, the buzzer machines are responding to time-lapse videos of the sun rising and setting―resulting in an interpretation of natural events altered by technology, expressed through technology. During the recording of this piece, a fly was attracted to the same computer screen―prompting a real-time synthesis of natural and artificial phenomena.

Encounters is a sound experiment between a fork-dragging sculpture, a hacked radio-turned-theremin, and other altered daily electronics. These hybridized noisemakers are programmed to reenact patterns found in human conversation. The sounds produced by the machines fluctuate throughout one day, oscillating between three modes: arguing, mirroring, and silence. This audio piece is a composite of the three modes, derived from three recordings of the day-long performance.


Claire Wilson was born in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2012 with a BFA, where she studied Art and Anthropology. Claire is currently pursuing an MFA at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.