Sergio Vega: Shanty Radio

Umberto di Marino on Untitled, Radio

Sergio Vega returns to Untitled, Radio with Shanty Radio.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1959, Sergio Vega attended the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study program in 1991/1992 and received an MFA in sculpture from Yale University in 1996. He participated in numerous international exhibitions, among them the 51st Venice Biennale, the 5th Biennale de Lyon, the 3rd Moscow Biennale, the 2nd Kwangju Biennale and the 1st Yokohama Triennale. He lives and works in Gainesville, Florida and teaches photography at the University of Florida since 1999. 

This program, as well as the Special Project, Shanty: on the mimetic faculty II, is presented by Untitled, Miami Beach exhibitor Umberto di Marino (Naples).