Latinos Who Lunch: Pigmentocracy

David B. Smith on Untitled, Radio

David B. Smith Gallery is proud to put forward the “Latinos Who Lunch” podcast for Untitled, Radio in Miami Beach. In a special segment catered specifically to Untitled, Miami Beach 2017, artist, curator and food writer FavyFav (Justin Favela) and co-host Babelito (Emmanuel Ortega), curator and Doctoral Candidate in Ibero-America colonial art history from the University of New Mexico, will take over the airwaves, to discuss a range of topics related to art, pop culture, and identity politics. Today we will broadcast an episode recorded for this edition of the fair:



This is a word that associate curator Maria Elena Ortiz at the Pérez Art Museum recently used in a recent recorded conversation with FavyFav. The hosts look forward to digging into this topic.