Archival Feedback


Archival Feedback’s working experimental practice integrates wide-ranging field studies with art and the acoustic landscape, charting the environment, and exploring place through a holistic framework.


Selections & Versions presents four projects from AF’s 2017 body of work. KMPNG, an audio installation at The Kampong Botanical Garden in benefit for AIRIE (Artists In Residence In the Everglades), revealed the unseen environment. Audiographs collected recordings exploring memory and cityscape through interdisciplinary approaches to documenting fieldwork: “Star Factory” fondly remembers the Miami Museum of Science and Space Transit Planetarium, “Sounding the Bay” maps Biscayne Bay through hydrophone recordings, and “Greater Miami 1934” plays a map through an electronic instrument. For Platform 450 Spring Contemporary, AF produced Soundguide as an audio map of the Deering Estate that documented the collective's multiple explorations of the Estate's endemic ecosystems.


Through various microphone arrays, the enhanced digital map provided an emergent and immersive soundscape. Its interactive play and experimentation are further explored here in the track arrangement. STORMTRACK tunes in to the city right before and during Hurricane Irma, and is exclusively mixed for Untitled, Radio.