The Young Lords and (Pirate) Radio: Rocío Aranda-Alvarado and Ricardo Mor


The Young Lords and (Pirate) Radio is an interview between Ricardo Mor (Miami Center for Architecture and Design) and curator Rocío Aranda-Alvarado (El Museo del Barrio).

Among the topics to be discussed is the artist's research and work on the Puerto Rican activists, the Young Lords, and their weekly radio program that focused on topics like race, gender equality and Marxist ideas. Tied to this, notes artist William Cordova, is the changing landscape of Miami, including the Wynwood district which was a working class neighborhood, and home to “Little San Juan,” a Puerto Rican area that grew in the 1950s. Also related is the contemporary “pirate radio” scene in Miami, circling back to the historic use of the radio by groups like the Young Lords, as a tool to serve marginalized communities, for disseminating information, and calling people to action.

This interview is presented by Untitled exhibitor, SITE Santa Fe (Booth B29).