Katherine Hubbard: Cyclops & Slashes

Company Gallery on Untitled, radio.

Katherine Hubbard presents Cyclops & Slashes, an audio performance originally presented at The Elizabeth Foundation For The Arts, NY, 2015

cyclops & slashes is a response to the social space that is created by the gathering of bodies. Without a marked beginning or end it is a performance that never announces itself as such. The work engages a range of prompts integrated into conversation that slowly ask participants to shift their relationship to the physical space, to language, and the terms of social engagement. Three hundred sixty degree panning photographs are made with a 4 x 5 camera mounted on a swivel head tripod throughout the performance. The work culminates in all participants reading the project text aloud in a staggered round as the text is distributed. The project text is available for download below.

Artist's Text

Katherine Hubbard's artwork can be found at the fair with Company Gallery (Booth D2)