DiabloRosso on Untitled, radio.

a neotropical soundscape by Fidel Bastro

un paisaje sonoro neotropical por Fidel Bastro

"METRONOMATOPOEIA is a neologism, combining the words metronome and onomatopoeia: they both refer to sound, but in an absurdist, counterintuitive manner: metronomes are rigid sound dictators; onomatopoeias are buoyant, mischievous wordsounds, sounds disguised as words, or vice versa.

In spanish, the title also sounds just like METRONOMATROPELLA, wherein atropella refers both to an accident and to an outrage or abuse of some sort, thus alluding on several levels to Man Ray's Indestructible Object. METRONOMATOPEYA, sounds – quite literally – like running over the metronome, or breaking the metronome's law (metronome translates etymologically to something like "the law of measure" in greek)."
-Jonathan Harker, 2015

Work by Jonathan Harker can be found with Untitled exhibitor DiabloRosso (Booth B27).