Talking Shop: Art + Activism; Tania Bruguera + Eddie Conway


Talking Shop: Art + Activism; Tania Bruguera + Eddie Conway was originally presented and recorded on March 10, 2016, at The Walters Art Museum, and is part of The Contemporary‚Äôs Speaker Series. Today Untitled, Radio airs the Speaker Series, Talking Shop, which partnered acclaimed artists and professionals from various disciplines to discuss the nexus of art, science, medicine, technology, politics, and more. 


The Contemporary is a nomadic, non-collecting art museum in Baltimore, Maryland whose mission expands the idea of a museum as an incubator that commissions site-specific and subject-oriented projects. The Contemporary engages diverse audiences to advance contemporary art through projects and educational programming. Their work is inspired by three guiding principles:

1.   artists matter

2.   collaboration is key

3.   audience is everywhere