Morehshin Allahyari in conversation with Gretta Louw

Upfor on Untitled, radio.

Artist and activist Morehshin Allahyari's (b. 1985 in Tehran, Iran) ongoing Material Speculation: ISIS is a 3D modeling and printing project focused on reconstruction of original artifacts destroyed by ISIS in 2015. The project creates a practical and political possibility for artifact archival, while also proposing 3D printing technology as a tool for resistance and documentation. Almost as interesting as the project itself is the way it has been received and redeployed in the press and social media. In this repackaging, the artist's nuanced investigation of national politics, methods of resistance and feminism are often ignored in favor of a simple "us vs. them" narrative, In this conversation with curator Gretta Louw, Allahyari discusses implications for how her project has been re-interpreted as a form of digital colonialism.

This program is presented by Untitled, Miami Beach exhibitor, Upfor (Portland), Booth D9.