Konstmusiksystrar translates roughly to “Contemporary Sisters”. Below is their manifesto.


Konstmusiksystrar is a network of composers and sound artists in classical music who define themselves as women or transgendered people and is the beginning of its creation. On our website we have an ever growing list of our members. Contemporary Sisters serves as a safe environment where our members can meet without preconditions, share experiences, create music and alter the existing structures within the art scene.


As a woman, or a transsexual can often feel unique in art music, but we are convinced that Sweden does not consist solely of male composers representation appearing in the media, in festivals, competitions and concerts. We have long felt a lack of a network and forum for young art music transgender people and women.We have therefore initiated a survey to prove to all those who reject us and who claim that they can not find us - we are! This compilation wish we spread the concert and festival organizers, and to use as a mailing list in order to reach out and cheer young women and transgender people to search for festivals, schools, competitions, Call for Works - wherever representation is now grossly uneven set.


Our hope is to support young transgender people and women to apply to competitions as well as take place in art music. We are also working to raise the awareness of decision-making juries and organizers of existing structures!We hope this compilation can act as pepper for each other in the knowledge that we are not alone. Please help us spread the word. <3