Michelle Wang, Project C2C

Today is the Day Foundation on Untitled, radio.

Project C2C - The Tone of Virtual Love
A sound piece by Michelle Wang
presented by Today is the Day Foundation (Booth C17)

Michelle Wang presents “Project C2C--The Tone of Virtual Love,” a sound piece edited from intimate audio messages that the artist received on the Chinese "WeChat” messaging app after purchasing “Virtual Lover” services on

“Project C2C” explores how the Alibaba-run online trading website goes beyond a standard Customer to Customer (C2C) model. It shows how the marketplace functions as an experimental platform for a virtual community, one that is growing rapidly in parallel with the market.

The piece is followed by a conversation about several types of “virtual products” that can be found on, and considers the impact of cultural context on consumer behavior, as well as questions of how the marketplace is creating or satisfying the needs of online communities.
The program also features interviews with Kenneth Goldsmith (Conceptual Poet, Founder of Ubuweb) and Robin Peckham (Editor-in-Chief of LEAP: the International Art Magazine of Contemporary China).

Work by Michelle Wang is on view with Today is the Day Foundation (BoothC17)