Hassan Hajjaj and DJ RUSH

Taymour Grahne on Untitled, radio

Untitled, radio presents a mix by Hassan Hajjaj made in coordination with DJ RUSH.

Hassan Hajjaj (b. 1961, Larache, Morocco) left Morocco for London at an early age. Heavily influence by the club, hip-hop, and reggae scenes of London as well as by his North African heritage, Hajjaj is a self-taught and thoroughly versatile artist whose work includes portraiture, installation, performance, fashion, and interior design, including furniture made from recycled utilitarian objects from North Africa, such as upturned Coca- Cola crates as stools and aluminum cans turned into lamps.


Isaiah Major aka DJ RUSH (b. Chicago, IL) is an amusing and bizarre entertainer; known for his alias Major Rush, Russian Roulette and the Drum Major. In his early life and career Rush finished his degree in Computer Operations, Anger Management and won several first place awards in Art competitions. Leaving all that behind Rush made his way in the Dj business and not limited himself he found his way to Berlin Germany and his career kicked off in high gear. Not only his Dj skills and music selection moved and impressed fans all over the globe, his songs have made such a big impact on the dance scene with songs like “Mutha Fucking Bass”, “Get On Up”, “I Believe” and the list goes on and on. Although the electronic music scene may be going through a crises, Rush continues to do what he do best and THAT’S ENTERTAIN YOU.

This program is presented by Untitled, Miami Beach exhibitor, Taymour Grahne Gallery (New York), Booth B45.