Hueso Records

Hueso Records is a music label conceived and run by visual artist Iván Navarro (represented by Untitled exhibitor Baró Galeria (São Paulo).

Hueso Records began releasing recorded projects in Brooklyn, NY in 2006 as a way of independently publishing music made in collaboration for Navarro’s sculpture and video works. The label quickly expanded to include an ambitious program of finding and releasing historic Chilean music that was never produced at the time of its original recording such as the Pinochet Boys from 1988, Electrodomesticos from 1990, Minimal Technology from 1994 and Acid Call from 2007. HuesoRecords developed a division called “Undefined Records”, publishing the music of non-musician artists and thinkers, but balances this by publishing creative and experimental projects with established professional musicians.

Untitled, radio. will feature Hueso Records albums by Los Refrescos and Leonino.