Wierd Presents: Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics, Volume I


This afternoon on Untitled, radio we broadcast "Wierd Presents: Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics, Volume I", a compilation by artist and DJ Pieter Schoolwerth released Angular Recording Corp label in 2010.


The Wierd/Angular collaborative effort began in the fall of 2007 when the great Joe Daniel walked into the weekly Wierd Records party on the Lower East Side of NYC and introduced himself. Joe had been following our activities since finding a copy of the first Wierd Compilation at a record shop in Paris in 2006, and he quickly suggested we collaborate on a rather ambitious release together. As Wierd I am only interested in releasing new music, but I have long wished there was a nice collection of the early cold wave and minimal electronic groups that have inspired my friends and I in building this new community in Brooklyn the last few years. I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say we've never felt there to be a proper context historically for the new music we have been making, as the history we do all regard so highly has been entirely lost in time. I really wanted new music and young artists today to hear these songs, keep them alive in the clubs, and hopefully in doing so expose a few people to a spirit that once existed in underground alternative music that might inspire artists now in 2010.

-Pieter Schoolwerth