Richard Garet

galerie burster on Untitled, radio.

Untitled, radio. presents an archived file of a live performance by Richard Garet at SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA, on April 7, 2011.


Garet's performance will focus on surfaces, gestures, differences, and distances among material and its phenomenology, to activate and amplify expressive sonic manifestations of electromagnetic waves utilizing radio technology. Richard Garet's grey-noise constructions surface from radio interference, moving image sonification, and electromagnetic disturbances.


The material for this piece emerges from the radio arena while utilizing AM/FM and SW radios as a source. The sonic field will be established by utilizing real time feeds from the radios to activate a series of transducers, motors, objects, and modified speakers, to resonate material, filter its frequency range, and mask its origin. Additionally, a series of extended techniques will be applied to disrupt the radio signals and establish an electromagnetic field for further disturbance and audio feedback of the source material. Photoresistors, connected to the sonic system, and flickering image projections will be utilized as an additional instrument in the system to interrupt the sound further. Once the intensity of the emitted colored-and-flickering light, from the imagery, touches the photoresistors the sound will behave in correlation to the imagery and also it will add-on additional layers of sound by translating the imagery into sound.


The work varies from subtle sonic movements to more abrupt and physical noises. Additionally, the malleability of the material introduces pitch, timber, and a variety of textures. Tonality and harmony may emerge in the work as a result of utilizing noises or objects that naturally contain or produce such sonic characteristics. In this situation a soundscape will manifest as a byproduct of manipulating the material and establishing morphing rhythms of sound, acoustic-phenomena, sonification of moving image, and by establishing a poly-layered sonic environment.

-The 14th Annual Activating the Medium Festival, 2011

This program is presented by Untitled, Miami Beach exhibitor, galerie burster (Berlin), Booth C28