Mercedes Azpilicueta: Molecular Love

SlyZmud on Untitled, radio.

Molecular Love, by Mercedes Azpilicueta


This sound piece for Untitled, Radio brings forward language as a force and puts together a combination of several bits of poetry, rhythmic sequences, and cadenced and playful deconstructed words addressing the hope that another body can be possible. The piece is made by two different recorded voices and a guitar, among other synthesized and vocal sounds. It deals with a wide range of questions related to the female body, its cultural, physical and digital aspects, its sexuality and reproduction system, its relationship with other bodies, bacterial sex -in order to separate the idea of sex from reproduction- and other forms of sex where the body is no longer a natural thing but rather something made out of multiple elements. In this performance, the sound piece will be interpreted by live dancers creating an ongoing choreography where the body and voice coincide. 

a body is never one

I parasite your eyes

bacteria never dies

Im nervous 

you are relaxed


a body is never one

genetic material

nothing is natural

bacteria assemblage


Molecular Love is presented by Untitled, Miami Beach exhibitor Slyzmud (Buenos Aires), Booth A5.