La rubia te besa

wildpalms on Untitled, radio.

La rubia te besa is an electro-drama band founded by Jose Elguezabal, José Luis Cortés-Santander and Alejandro Almanza at la Villa, presenting a live performance at Untitled, Miami Beach. On stage, the band members often use blond wigs referring to the Glam music hairstyle, as bleached hair is a common practice in Latin America, where women think that blond allows for higher esteem.Electro-drama thematizes social situations related to common struggles, like love and dis-love, reaching high popularity in the 80s pop music with lyrics describing a couple heading into a crisis.


La rubia revitalizes the idea of drama as a popular element in Latin American daily life, by consciously using musical elements of high art, like harmony theory, and extending the drama to the history of music and aesthetic theory. To support their undermining critic of cultural products of high art, they use of lyrics, referring to 19th century French poetry, literature and movies.


La rubia te besa is presented by Untitled, Miami Beach exhibitor, wildpalms (Berlin), Booth B26.