WIERD Records (2003-2013)


WIERD Records and The Wierd Party (2003-2013)

One of the longest running weekly music parties in New York history, the Wierd Party was established in 2003 by artist and DJ Pieter Schoolwerth, and for an entire decade was NYC's premier showcase for artists and DJs working within the Post-Punk, Minimal Synth, and Industrial/Noise genres of alternative pop and dance music. The party began in 2003 as a small group of friends spinning records weekly under the Williamsburg Bridge at the Southside Lounge in Brooklyn, who in 2005 began staging larger, roaming monthly live music events in lofts and warehouses nearby. By the end of 2006 the party had outgrown its Brooklyn home and relocated to Home Sweet Home on Chrystie St. in Manhattan where it was held every Wednesday until 2013. In addition, with the move to Manhattan Pieter expanded the party into a record label ‐ Wierd Records, which released music by many of the bands who DJed and performed live at the party. From 2003-2013 the party and label produced over 500 live music, DJ and performance art events internationally and released music by 46 bands. The World of Wierd represented more than anything the potential for the continuing existence of a tightly‐knit underground community of artists, musicians, and DJs that has long been such a vital part of the energy of both latenight downtown New York City and the outermost recesses of Brooklyn, and is truly very rare in this day and age!