Roarke Menzies: For Vinyl-Covered Stages


To celebrate the opening of the 5th edition of Untitled, Miami Beach, we present a live performance by Brooklyn-based performance artist, composer, and electronic musician, Roarke Menzies.


“For Vinyl-Covered Stages” is a solo sound performance that combines amplified voice and audio effects with a pair of field recordings – one of a dance by the choreographer Michelle Mola, in which three performers in wooden-soled character shoes leap and shuffle across the stage; the other of an old, hand-cranked sewing machine that lives in the costume shop at the Juilliard School.


During the creation of and preparation for a concert dance performance, weeks and months are spent in a rehearsal studio crafting, honing and repeating movement phrases. Meanwhile, in another room, layers of cloth, measured to fit human limbs and bodies, are cut and stitched together into costumes – another repetitive practice. Finally, on the days leading up to the performance, lighting, wardrobe, music and all the other stage elements are brought together into the same room, bodies filled with anticipation. The immeasurable amounts of labor, focus, doubt, frustration, glee, trial and error empty out onto the stage. Then the performance is over, and everyone goes home.


This work is intended as something of a tribute to the many talented dancers, choreographers and designers with whom I've been lucky enough to work. At Untitled, I’ll be performing “For Vinyl-Covered Stages” alongside other recent sound works.

– Roarke Menzies